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Streamline operations, empower your team, and go for growth with the only platform you’ll ever need.

Customer Management

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is crucial for businesses, significantly impacting growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. 

Contact Management

Centralise all contact info; streamline communication and outreach.

Lead Management

Track and cultivate potential customers efficiently and effectively.

Document Management

Securely store, organize, and access documents in one place.

Customer Portal

Offer customers self-service options and access to information.

Web Phone & Voicemail

Make and receive calls anywhere via internet connectivity.

Mobile Access

Access CRM features on-the-go with a mobile application.

Email & Domain

Professional email services integrated with your business domain.


Instantly connect with contacts through integrated messaging.

Sales & Appointments

Manage all of your sales process and customer appointments directly through your Simma website and Simma operating system. 

Appointment & Class Bookings

Let customers book only what’s available.

Quotations: Requests & Approvals

Quick quotation requests, generation and approval. 


Generate invoices based on your customers actions.


Handle invoice and subscription payments on the platform.

Subscriptions & Billing

SaaSify your business with our subscription tools.

Sales Process

Set you sales process and automate steps.

Sales Todo Lists

Each team member gets their next actions.


Simplified reporting on your sales growth.

Website & eCommerce

Start with one of our amazing customisable templated websites to quickly establish a robust online presence.

Templated to your markets

Start with our market-templated website tools.

Many Sites with building blocks

Build many sites with our modular building blocks.

Everything's integrated

Streamline your business as it’s all included.

Site Sections

Toggle on News, Careers, and Support sections on all of your sites.

Product Creation

Streamlined product creation and management.

Online Sales

eCommerce platform with fast, secure checkout.

Shipping & C&C

Shipping management and Click-and-collect options.

Returns Management

Simplify returns with efficient processing.

Marketing & Support

Tools to send information to your customers and tools to support them when they have questions. 

Content Creation

News, whitepapers, images, videos—all in one place.

AI Content Creation

Need help creating content, ask Simma AI to help.


Schedule your social media, emails or messages.

Social Media

Create content for and distribute to Social Media.

Email Marketing

Create and schedule email newsletters and drip email marketing campaigns.


Create marketing or offer messages to send via SMS or WhatsApp.

Support Tickets & Site

Process to Manage customer support and create a support FAQs page.

Chatbot to Livechat

Simma AI Chatbot can answer your customers most urgent questions.

HR & Team Management

Manage your team with must-have tools built into Simma.

Manage Team

Manage team performance, review, set objectives, and key results.

Team Login

Employees have their own login to manage their employment.

HR Documents

All company and (signed) employee documents in one place.

Holidays & Sickness

Track and manage employees holidays and sickness.

Team Rota

Create the team Rota and manage who is working when.


Create and export Payroll figures in a flash.

Training - LMS

Keep your team compliant and up to speed with integrated training.


Simple to add jobs to your website and tools to manage applications.

Business Management

Tools to centralise and manage and grow all aspects of your business and business assets. 


Things going well? Start franchising with centralised control.


Ensure brand consistency with standardised employee attire.


Track and manage business spending efficiently, easily.

Signed Contracts

Centralise contract management, streamline negotiations and compliance.

Brand & Content Management

Control brand narrative, manage content across platforms.

Events & Ticketing

Event creation, marketing and ticketing built in.

Team Intranet

Central hub for team communication and resources.

Asset Register

Record, track, and manage company assets securely.



Business Account


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